About Us

What is IWSPIR?

Inner West Sydney Partners in Recovery (IWSPIR) is an Australian Government initiative designed to help improve the supports provided to people living with severe and persistent mental health issues with complex needs, by focusing on improving the system response to ensure the person, their needs, their families and carers by ensuring services and supports work in a more collaborative way.

The lead agency for IWSPIR is New Horizons along with five Host Agencies that make up IWSPIR.

  • Mission Australia
  • Neami National
  • Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW
  • Aftercare
  • RichmondPRA

There are 13 organisations that form the IWSPIR Consortium.

Who is eligible for IWSPIR?

The initiative will focus on working with people who are living with severe and persistant mental health issues and have complex needs who are not effectively engaged with social supports or services.

Who can make a referral to IWSPIR?

Anyone can make a referral by calling the intake number 1800 501 858

What assistance is provided through IWSPIR?

Partners in Recovery will provide ‘support facilitation’, working with individuals to identify areas of need and guide engagement and integration of supports and services across sectors. Support Facilitators will build strong partnerships in the community to promote and encourage innovative solutions, to enable individuals to access what they need in order to develop and maintain their wellbeing and recovery.

IWSPIR connecting communities for a healthy and meaningful life.